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Ian - Registered Dietitian &

Precision Nutrition Master Coach

Ian is a Registered Dietitian and Precision Nutrition Master Coach. He specialises in helping you understand your behaviours around eating and how to eat the food you enjoy, whilst maximising your energy and wellbeing. Ian can help coach you to reach your nutritional goals whether that is to lose weight, gain muscle mass or to learn how to eat better for a healthier lifestyle.  

Ian is also a partner in 'Healthology'. Healthology offer nutrition services alongside producing healthy ready meals/convenience solutions.


Do you get confused by all the different dietary messages? Perhaps you’ve ‘dieted’ on and off for years and nothing has worked for you?

If that’s the case then know that it’s not your fault! The diet industry is designed to keep you cycling through useless dietary programmes that will (rarely) work as they all miss one key element..they don’t know YOU!We work with you to understand your daily challengesand design an approach which is tailored to you.Sustainable, great results need three things:
The right knowledgeThe right mindsetThe right environment
Over 6 weeks we will show you how you can eat well alongside your lifestyle making some simple yet effective changes. In 6 weeks you will see some great results and experience the energy and confidence that comes with making positive changes to your

eating habits. 
So just what will you be doing? Yes, you will have to do the hard work of changing some of your food choices but we will make this as simple as possible by supporting you with thing such as:


  • Showing you how to gauge how much food is right for you

  • Creating a supportive and positive environment

  • Developing a focused mindset

  • Knowing how to adjust as you reach your goals

ALL FOR  £ 60

This nutritional plan is also included in our 6 week kick start plan which include 6 personal training sessions at our special discounted rate to get you started.  


£199 for 12 weeks

Sign up for our 12-week nutritional plan with Ian to help you reach your health and fitness goals. This plan includes weekly or fortnightly zoom coaching calls depending on your needs, tips and advice on how to change your behaviours and attitudes to food. You will be given a platform for tracking habits, behaviours and progress, depending upon your particular goals. You will also have access to 30+ recipes with more being added regularly.

Diet Plan
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