Support for a healthier you in a personalised way

Our studio in inclusive for everyone regardless of your fitness level, gender, age or abilities. 

THE STUDIO is not a gym. It is a personal training studio where you can book one-on-one sessions, buddy and couples training, or sign up for one of our 4 people semi-personal training sessions. THE STUDIO is an intimate setting in Wotton-under-Edge where you can train to meet your own individual goals and focus on yourself. Our bodies are not all the same which is why we need our own programs to reach our health and fitness goals. At THE STUDIO we focus on functional and stability training for our clients, to live healthy lifestyles, and to become stronger and fitter without sustaining injuries. 

THE STUDIO does not require signing up for a monthly membership. Your training plan will be worked out together to ensure that it is realistic, achievable and sustainable, for long term wellness.  



Owner & CIMPSA Registered Level 3 Personal Trainer ACE Certified

I’ve been helping clients change the way they look and feel since 2014. I studied to be a personal trainer with the American Council of Exercise whilst living in California and have since moved back to my hometown, Wotton-under-Edge. Now a CIMSPA registered personal trainer here in the UK I have continued to follow my passion for health and fitness. The more I worked with clients one-on-one however, the more I wanted to learn, and have since done many different certifications on corrective exercise, injury prevention and functional fitness. I love what I do and enjoy motivating people with my energy and enthusiasm to help them succeed in every avenue of health and fitness.

Since opening in 2021 the business has now grown from strength to strength. As a team of 5 qualified trainers we are here to coach you both mentally and physically in order to become a stronger version of yourself. A stronger you can change habits for a lifetime not just for today. A journey to a healthier you is just around the corner and we'd love to help you get get there!


Level 3 CIMSPA registered PT trainer, EREP registered Level 2 Sport Therapist and currently doing a Level 4 Strength and Conditioning qualification 

I was always very active as a kid. I played hockey for my local team, did a lot of swimming and enjoyed a variety of dance styles. When I finished school, I started my working career in fitness back home in Germany. After my qualification as a Fitness Instructor, I also got a level 2 Sport therapy qualification. Once qualified I worked for several years in a variety of gyms, leisure center and sport centers to teach fitness classes, working on the gym floor as well as doing GP referrals. I most enjoyed teaching classes and as it turns out the GP Referrals were my best experience. Over the years I learned a lot from teaching classes and being involved in fitness. Since moving to the UK I have also achieved a Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification and have been working as a PT for about a year now. I really enjoy working with individuals and their needs. I am very excited when clients reach their goal and I am honoured to have helped them on their fitness journey. 



level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer, Indoor Cycling, TRX and class instructor as well as Nutrition advisor.

I've been qualified for 3 years and love the health and fitness industry. I am keen to continue to develop skills to help us all get healthier, fitter & stronger. I continually update my qualifications to keep up to date with new methods and research. I offer nutrition advise and will support you to aid habitual and mindset change to fit within your lifestyle to make changes sustainable. I focus on making sessions fun whilst being focused on you. My sessions are goal oriented to help make you "feel" strong, confident and move better. We all want to feel better within our skin, whatever your goal.


Level 3 Personal Trainer and MovNat Instructor

It sounds weird, but movement has always been a big part of my life. I’ve never been particularly good at sitting still (or being quiet). After school I went to uni to study Environmental Science and went straight from there into a job as an Environmental Consultant. All of which required A LOT of sitting still. Playing korfball and netball gave me an outlet for my surplus energy, but I still needed more, so I set up a fitness group for people to come along and workout together, and I loved it.

At this point I started thinking, why I don’t I just turn this into my job? So I did. I’m now a qualified personal trainer and I’m currently getting certified as a MovNat instructor.

Outside of The Studio you’ll find me playing netball, korfball or squash, or running around in the woods climbing trees!



Registered Dietitian &

Precision Nutrition Master Coach

Ian is a Registered Dietitian and Precision Nutrition Master Coach. He specialises in helping you understand your behaviours around eating and how to eat the food you enjoy, whilst maximising your energy and wellbeing. Ian can help coach you to reach your nutritional goals whether that is to lose weight, gain muscle mass or to learn how to eat better for a healthier lifestyle.  

Diverse group of happy healthy people ex


I love The Studio. Wotton Under Edge I’ve been to loads of different gyms and trainers- I’ve stuck with the studio longer than the others, for the following reasons: it’s not about pushing you until you can’t lift your arms or walk down the stairs- it’s about sustainable progress where you feel good. It’s fun and every session is different (trust me I’m not the kind of person who equated exercise with fun before)

Also and most importantly to me, Carly is teaching me about having a healthy relationship with my body and my mind. It’s not just an exercise class you get. It’s self care,laughter and honesty. If you’re on the fence on PT try the studio- you won’t regret it!



We are situated centrally in Wotton-under-Edge with our front door on the junction of Bear and Bradley Street.
Parking is available outside the Civic Centre on Gloucester Street.

Gnd Flr Unit Civic Centre
2 Gloucester Street
GL12 7DN

Carly - 07983119105 / Sara - 07720437658 / Esther - 07483211712

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